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3 Ways to Mix Strength Training into Your Exercise Routine

There are 3 major Ways to Mix Strength Training into Your Exercise Routine. While cardio exercise is important for your heart and lung health, strength training offers various health benefits as well. Lifting weights improves muscle tone, bone density and your overall mood. As We get older, we lose muscle mass, but with consistent strength training it is possible to limit this loss.

Strength Training

If your new to lifting weights, its very important to start out slow, no more than 2-3 times a week. If at all possible, get a certified personal trainer to show you how to perform different exercises. Check your form to make sure you are performing the motions correctly.

Not sure if you will like strength training? Don’t worry! There are tons of different ways to do it. Here are 3 Ways to Mix Strength Training into your Exercise Routine:


Circuit Training

Circuit Training combines weight lifting and cardio to create a hybrid high energy exercise that allows you to strengthen your muscles while still keeping your heart rate up. With this type of workout, there is very little rest in between exercises. Circuit training is high volume, which means you perform more reps of each exercise with usually less weight. A standard range is 15-30 repetitions for 3 to 4 rounds. 


Weight Lifting focuses solely on making muscles stronger and bigger. While you do not get the same cardio benefit that circuit training gives, weightlifting provides faster strength gain and muscle mass. When weightlifting, there are breaks in between each exercise in order to allow for muscle rest and recovery. It is important to lift a heavier amount of weight while still maintaining good form. A general range for weightlifting is usually between 8-10 repetitions with moderate to heavy weight.


Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can provide an effective, whole body workout. This versatile piece of equipment is easily adapted to different fitness levels and portable. Most bands come in multiple colors to distinguish the amount of resistance and different workouts for building strength and endurance. You can perform these workouts anywhere from in a gym to in a hotel room when traveling in only 10-20 minutes. A general recommendation is to do exercises in sets of 20 repetitions.