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Top 3 Health Benefits of Inversion Tables

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Top 3 Health Benefits of Inversion Tables

Inversion tables and inversion table therapy has a multitude of amazing health benefits! The inverted position reverses the harmful effects of gravity, and in doing so, is one of most effective treatments for back issues, joint issues, nervous system problems, mental stress relief, defying the aging process, strengthening the immune system, detoxification, improving the mind, and much more.

  1. Relieves General Back Pain
    An inversion table may help relieve general back pain by providing full-spine traction, according to an article on the Natural Arthritis Relief website. It reverses the gravity that has compressed the spine, which may have caused pinched nerves. Hanging upside down is similar to spinal traction by using the body to stretch the spine, reducing the pressure on the discs.
  2. Reduces Stress
    If you pay attention, your body lets you know when you are stressed out - back and neck pain, headaches and muscle tension is your body's way of protesting against stress and forcing you to slow down. If nothing else, Inversion is a great way to take a break and relax. The full body stretch can be rejuvenating and can also help to reduce muscle tension. A study conducted by physiotherapist LJ Nose found that EMG activity (a measure of muscle tension) declined over 35% within ten seconds of inverting. Inversion, therefore, is helpful in relieving tension and pain in your muscles that may have been caused by stress.
  3. Helps Circulation
    The cardiovascular system is made up of the heart, veins, arteries, and capillaries. It is your body's transportation system, carrying food and oxygen to your body's cells. Your heart pumps blood through the system: oxygen-rich blood from the lungs goes out through the arteries and waste-filled blood comes back through the veins to be cleansed and recharged with oxygen. The cardiovascular system also retrieves blood from your legs and lower torso, carrying it upwards against the force of gravity. Inversion allows your body to work with gravity to ease the circulation process.

But before you rush out to buy an inversion table, please note that those with heart or circulatory conditions should check with their doctors before hanging upside down. Being upside down places a great deal of stress on the circulatory system. Because of the potential downsides of too much stress and pressure on the circulatory and skeletal system, being inverted is not for everybody. But the potential upsides of counteracting the effects of gravity are: less spinal disc pain, less joint pain, and less painful muscle spasms. If you do decide to try inversion therapy, as a rule, start slowly at a small degree of inversion (no more than 15 degrees) for no more than 5 minutes at a time.