Tips for Moms: How to Include Fitness into your Busy Lifestyle

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Tips for Moms: How to Include Fitness into your Busy Lifestyle

As a mom, commitment to a fitness routine and healthy lifestyle is not easy. You’re already juggling priorities and adding another one can feel scary, even impossible. But while it takes some mental preparedness- for you and your family- it is possible for moms to make fitness goals a routine. Here are some tips that come directly from moms who are all at different points in their fitness journey. They’ve made a commitment to themselves and their health. 

5 tips on how to include fitness into your busy life!

  1. Get support from your family - Without the support of their families, most moms wouldn’t have the time or the energy to make their health and fitness a priority. Our moms have found that talking to their significant others before taking the plunge with a new fitness routine is critical. Be specific about the kind of support you need—whether it’s emotional support, a commitment to buying healthier foods for the household, a shift in childcare responsibilities or all of the above.
  2. Figure out a meal planning routine that works - Meal planning will save you time and money and help ensure that you’re eating well. Set aside time to write out a meal plan each week. Include breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, and use this to build your grocery list. Save these! You’ll build up a bank of meal plans and grocery lists that can be reused when you’re short on time and new ideas. Be sure to find easy-to-prepare, healthy dinners that can be made on nights that you have a workout scheduled.
  3. Find fitness options that are convenient - Whether it’s stepping outside your door with the jogging stroller, joining a fitness class you can bring your baby to, or having workout DVDs to do at home, the more convenient it is for you to get your workout in, the less likely you’ll find excuses to skip it.
  4. Remove barriers, even small ones - The more steps you can remove between you and your workout, the better. Keep your gym bag packed and ready to go. Put a yoga mat and extra running shoes in the car. Have healthy, grab-and-go snacks available to lessen the temptation to load up on sweets when hunger hits.
  5. Make working out about more than working out. - Moms have to multitask. Having your workout do double-duty can make it the part of your day you look forward to the most. Make your workout “me time” and listen to your favorite podcast or read a magazine while on a cardio machine. Or, make it social time, and catch up with a friend while jogging around the park. Our moms find that being able to connect with other moms at Body Back makes class a fun opportunity to socialize and get to know more people in their community.

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